Crush Sour Patch Kids Are Out In Stores And Can’t Wait To Try Them


Sour Patch Kids Crush Fruit Mix is filled with tastes inspired by strawberry, grape, and pop, Although you may be used to viewing Crush Orange Soda.

Instagrammer @SnackBetch shared with a photograph of this candy combination they discovered in QuikTrip. No word about where and if the Fish is going to be published, but we all could cross our fingers and hope it will be. We all can use a little bit of very good news. First, May 13, 2019 1:49 p.m.: Instagram bite detective @JunkFoodMom has to direct us wrong, therefore when she reported about the new Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kid Crush Soda-inspired tastes a week, we understood it had been over a rumor. If all goes according to plan, parent firm Mondelez International will unveil the brand new products, for example, actually soon.

O. M. G. Clearly, I did some digging to learn if that the expo is occurring, since I want a formal update on the launch. Turns out, the seminar is a week away! It runs through May 23 and will welcome product starts and exhibitors.

The flavors allegedly consist of strawberry, orange, grape, and pineapple, which makes sense given these are classic Crush Soda faves. I’m an Crush kinda woman, when it has to do with the candies, but I will not discriminate. Not merely do the”heads and tails” possess double the taste, they are two times larger. They are now available in 99-cent only packs and 14-ounce luggage which go for $3.19. They are precisely what we will need to hold us over before the Crush Soda-inspired candy launch.


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