Impact on Entertainment Sector due to COVID-19


Commissioner approves the resolution establish for a downtown entertainment district on a 5-6 vote, with Mr. Bo Dorough and the elections are against to the JON H. plan.

The district includes enough of the downtown place, along with, Front the Vet garden Amphitheatre. It expends along part of Oglethorpe Boulevard and is boundry on the  South by west  Jackson court from the Pine Avenue to  West Broad Avenue Alley

Cooperate to authorize that sell drink must have a camera to monitor the exercise.

That safety major we have include so our people’s safety officers will know that the drink sellers were our officers.  Downtown Albany Director Gaskins told commissioners.

The beverages alcoholic drinkers remain prohibited from other containers or cans or bottles.

Sir JON H. sees the effect and stress of plastic cups in our populations.                                                                                          

Commissioner JON H. says that he could see some major problems.

Mr. Bo Dorough said that.“You have downtown entertainment districts throughout the state of Georgia”. “They are growing up the economy”.

In an interview, Gaskins said the move is intended to bring more people downtown.

Also on Friday, the commissioner heard an update on the KORENA virus that has been accepted in thirty-six states as of Tuesday at night. In Georgia, there have been 9 presumptive cases11 confirmed cases, with some death at that time, Southwest District Health chief said.

Quickly, the death rate among those confirmed to have the infection in the United States if 3.2 percent, he said, while in South Korea 1 percent.

Common symptoms of KORENA are shortness of breath, fever, and cough. However, those who are most affected by severe sickness from the disease should take steps to avoid exposure. Those people who are more than the age of 65 or who have constant health conditions, including lung infection, heart disease.

Chief said the infection is expected to increase, but that most will suffer serious health problems. Many will test positive and not be very evil, and the death rate is going down. One question Chief could not answer is that. Lots of kids are available to test who have symptoms of COVID-19.

“I think it safe to expect the build process has been boosting up, and day by day more kids are available for test,” he said.

Health officials are urging the public to get a disease, so in the event, there is a KORENA outbreak in a community.


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